Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is Abortion the Easy Answer?

“Now I realize why so many girls get abortions,” said Stephanie. “On the surface it seems like the easy answer to all my problems. It’s scary how attractive abortion has appeared to me, especially in the last month.”

Kate sounded alarmed. “Stephanie, you’re not really thinking...?” “No, not at all,” Stephanie cut in firmly. “I know abortion is wrong. I’m not going to make my mistake worse by disobeying God again. Besides, there is a living person inside me, and I am committed to loving both God and people. Abortion would not be the loving way to treat this little person.”

“I admire your commitment to loving and obeying God, Stephanie,” Jenny said, “even though it’s not the easy way out.” “Me too,” Kate chimed in. “But I would like you to make me a promise, Stephanie,” Jenny added. “You may be pressured by Brent or his family or some of his relatives and friends to get an abortion. If you are ever tempted to take the easy way out, I want you to call me--any time, night or day. Will you promise to do that?” “Yes, I will,” Stephanie answered with conviction. “Thanks for being willing to hold me accountable.” To be continued.

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