Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is Evolution Science or Theory?

Pure science that simply observes, experiments, and reports show us an orderly universe of unalterable law and reason. But scientists are still asserting that evolution as the explanation for the origins of life is a certified, scientific truth.

Dr. Phillip E. Johnson, the University of California law professor whose impeccable logic has tripped up many of the most prominent evolutionists, has pointed out that this assertion is an illegitimate jump to a conclusion. Science has observed that selective breeding and environmental influences can produce adaptive changes within a species. “But evolutionary biologists are not content merely to explain how variation occurs within limits,” Johnson says. “They aspire to answer a much broader question: how complex organisms like birds and flowers and human beings came into existence in the first place.” But there is nothing in the obvious fact of species adaptation to justify the incredibly broad claim that all species and life itself are the result of a continuing movement toward increasing complexity.

Theories about the origin of matter and life can never come under the umbrella of true science because they cannot be observed or proven scientifically. Science by definition is limited to the study of nature and cannot reach beyond it. Origins demand explanations that nature alone cannot supply. Therefore the events that generated matter, life and reason are beyond the reach of scientific inquiry.

Scientists stretch science beyond its capacity when they claim that God does not exist because He does not register on scientific instrumentation. If there is a God, He is supernatural, which means He exists above and outside nature and thus beyond the reach of scientific investigation. It is presumptuous for scientists to claim that science alone is capable of giving us a complete tally of all that exists. Where data is not available, they should suspend judgment and remain open to possibilities.

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