Fun Facts about Josh

If Josh could share Christ with one person, face to face, who would it be? Britney Spears

Josh's favorite book of the Bible is Romans.

Josh's favorite Old Testament character is Noah.

Who is the most interesting person Josh has ever met. Dottie, wife.

What's Josh's favorite food? Steak

What's one of Josh's "bucket list" items? Purchase a Harley and ride through China

When you (Josh) were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Besides being an "adult", a professional dancer.

When Josh goes to Starbucks, what does he order?
Tall Decaf Coffee OR Grande Fat Free Latte with Sugar Free Hazelnut OR Vente Carmel Light Frappuccino (sometimes it all depends on one's mood!)

What is the best thing about being a dad
? Mentoring, molding & seeing your child grow and make right choices.

What's Josh's 3 favorite restaurants? La Fonda’s (Baja), Morton’s (San Francisco), 3 Forks (Dallas)

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