Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Got Pregnant the First Time!

“Are you sure Brent is the father?” Jenny asked Stephanie. Stephanie forced a humorless laugh. “The only time in my life I have sex--unprotected or otherwise--and I got pregnant. Yes, Brent is definitely the father.”

Stephanie, Jenny, and Kate spent an hour talking through the many choices Stephanie would have to make regarding her baby’s future. Kate and Jenny promised to be available to help her in any way they could: take her to medical appointments, make arrangements for finishing school after the baby comes, or talk to adoption agencies if she chose to let someone else raise the baby.

Then Jenny helped Stephanie think through what she would say when they sat down with her mother later in the day to break the news. Finally, they joined hands in prayer. Kate and Jenny asked God to fill Stephanie with His wisdom and perseverance through the months ahead and to help her with the immediate tasks of talking to her mother, father, brother, and Brent and his family.

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