Thursday, July 15, 2010

True Love Stays, But Will He?

As soon as Luke’s car pulled up to the curb, Traci ran to it and jumped in. He
noticed her red eyes right away. “You’ve been crying,” Luke said with obvious
concern. “Traci, what’s wrong?” Traci blurted out the news along with another wave of warm tears. She felt very ugly crying in front of Luke, but she couldn’t help it. It didn’t seem to matter anyway. The fact that she was not very pretty when she cried was minor in light of the fact that she might be crippled some day.

Luke’s response was more than Traci could have hoped for. She would not
have been surprised if he had backed away from her as if she had leprosy, saying
something like, “Have a nice life,” and leaving her standing on the curb. After all, a
guy as good-looking and sweet as Luke could find a dozen girls without disabilities to
go out with by tonight. But instead, he touched her gently and listened intently as
she tearfully told him about the disease. He comforted her and encouraged her with
caring words. He asked if there was anything he could do for her. And he promised
to stick with her through this tough trial. Then he helped Traci get her feet on the ground again by taking her to the auto parts store to buy the car battery. After installing the battery and giving Traci a tender kiss, he left.

Only later did she begin to wonder if she had seen the last of Luke. Had he
been kind, caring, and helpful just long enough to make his escape? Was he even
now plotting how to extricate himself from this relationship? Or was Luke’s concern
as genuine as it had seemed? Did he know even more about true love than what he had
shown her in the past two months?

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