Monday, July 12, 2010

Does He Love Me Enough?

After receiving the MS diagnosis, Traci dried her eyes and went out to the front porch to wait for Luke. It was so sweet of him to help her buy a car battery. Sitting on the porch and staring aimlessly, Traci wondered how Luke would take her news. She had never told him about the numbness in her hands for a couple of reasons. First, until today, the condition was more a bother to her than a worry, so she didn’t think it important to mention. Second, Luke was such a great guy, she wanted to do everything she could to impress him. So volunteering information about her “faults” at this early stage of their relationship had seemed unthinkable.

Now she had to tell him. If she didn’t, someone else eventually would, and
that would be worse. Besides, it was the right thing to do. As much as she feared
that the reality of MS might drive Luke away, the only loving thing to do was to tell
him. She did want to do the loving thing with Luke, because she was pretty sure
she loved him. The question plaguing her as she watched for his car was, does Luke
love me enough to stay with me in spite of what I will tell him? Behind this question
was another she did not want to think about at all: Does Luke even love me?

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