Monday, July 19, 2010

Committed To True Love

“Hi, Luke,” Jenny said as he approached the door. “Is something wrong?” “Can I talk to you and Doug for a minute?” he said. “Of course, Luke. Come on in.” Jenny locked the door behind them and led Luke back to the office where Doug was shutting down the computer. Luke poured out the story of Traci’s recently discovered MS disease. Doug and Jenny were shocked, saying they would stop by Traci’s house on their way home from work.

“I understand a lot more about love since we talked together this morning,
Doug,” Luke went on. “And I accepted your challenge to begin showing true love to
Traci. But I didn’t expect this. I mean, Traci is a beautiful girl, but in time her
disease could change that. She may not be able to ski or swim or go biking. And if
we get married someday – I’m not saying we’re going to, but if we do – will she be
able to have sex and bear children? I know true love says ‘I love you, period,’ but I
didn’t know that period would be so huge.”

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