Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Purity Vow Almost Broken

Doug Shaw and his wife, Jenny, were the volunteer youth sponsors at the
church Luke attended. Doug and Luke had just come from a Saturday morning
planning breakfast for student leaders in the high school ministry. They tried to get to the batting cages once or twice a month together.

After they had worked up a sweat taking swings in the batting cage, Doug and Luke sat down at a nearby picnic table to talk. Eventually, Doug commented, “Traci seems like a nice girl – very sharp upstairs, very sweet.” Luke nodded, “Traci is really special,” but he said it without much expression. Doug evaluated the response. “Is everything all right, I mean with you and Traci?” Luke blew out a long sigh. “Well, I’m not sure how it’s going with Traci and me. Speaking softly and haltingly, he told about taking Traci to the planetarium last weekend. Omitting the embarrassing details, he summarized how close he came to breaking his vow of sexual purity. He admitted that he was wrong to take advantage of Traci as he did. By the time he finished his story, Luke seemed on the verge of crying. To be continued.

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