Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our First Kiss

Luke treated Traci like a princess. Their first date had been a picnic by the lake with Luke fixing the lunch and providing soft music on his iPod. He took her to movies - the romantic kind she liked instead of car-exploding, gun-blazing guy movies. He took her to a play at the performing arts center. They took long walks together downtown and out in the country. They laughed and sang together and even prayed together. On their third date Luke had kissed Traci for the first time, and she’d stayed awake half the night thinking how special she felt to be his

Luke was ever the perfect gentleman – a real-life Prince Charming. He bought flowers for her. He opened doors for her and seated her at tables. He called. He sent her cards and notes. They kissed and embraced often and held hands most of the time they were together. But Luke had never emphasized the physical side of their relationship – until tonight.

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