Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Does He Like Me?

Traci encountered Luke several times that afternoon on the ski slopes. He was a
good skier and she was not, so he offered a few helpful pointers, without embarrassing her for her limited ability and experience. Luke happened along a few times when Traci fell, helping her up and making sure she was not hurt. And that afternoon in the lodge, he appeared with a cup of steaming hot chocolate as she sat by the fire drying her socks and warming her feet. She was bothered that the strange numbness in her hands had flared up again, but she didn’t mention it to Luke. They talked for more than an hour, time Luke could have spent skiing. He was so kind, so sweet, so polite, so helpful. She could not believe he was paying attention to her when practically any girl on the mountain would have jumped at the chance to be with him.

Preparing for the Saturday night bus ride home, Traci arranged to leave the
seat next to her empty, hoping Luke would sit there when he was finished with the
announcements and prayer. He did, and Traci was secretly ecstatic. They talked for
three hours while most of the kids on the bus slept. They shared with each other
how they came to Christ, their dreams for the future, their favorite foods, movies,
and music. Traci couldn’t believe how much they had in common. Just before they
pulled into the church parking lot, Luke asked her out for the next weekend. She
accepted immediately, intent on canceling anything on her calendar that might keep
her from being with Luke.

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