Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Worth It

This had been an expensive evening for Luke. Traci loved romantic dates, so
he had treated her to a candlelight dinner at an expensive French restaurant in town.
Since it was kind of a dressy evening, he’d also had to spring for a nice shirt and tie.
And the planetarium show at the observatory would cost him another huge chunk of
change. As a high school senior with a part-time job, Luke could hardly afford such
a costly date.

But when he picked up Traci at her house, he knew the expense was worthwhile. She looked more like a movie star than a high-school junior in a dress that accentuated her drop-dead figure. She was worth every minute of overtime he would put in next week to replenish his wallet.

“I can’t believe I have lived in town almost a year now and have never been to the planetarium” Traci said, gently caressing Luke’s upper leg. “The stars are so romantic.” Luke smiled to himself. As long as Traci felt romantic, he was sure to have a good time. Luke wrapped his arm around Traci as they hurried from the parking lot to the planetarium theater. There were at least two hundred people watching the program, Luke figured, but he noticed no one but Traci. She seemed to enjoy the presentation, and Luke enjoyed being close to her, relishing the softness of her hand in his. Encouraged by her closeness, he stole an occasional kiss in the darkness, and Traci responded warmly.

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