Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Must Be In Love

After the planetarium show, Luke and Traci returned to the car and resumed their romantic cuddling, Luke could hardly keep himself under control. As a Christian, he understood the importance of sexual purity. He had promised God at youth camp three years before that he would remain a virgin until he was married, and he had kept his promise through high school. But his vow had never really been tested until he’d met Traci two months earlier. His feelings for her were so strong, not like anything he had felt for other girls. It was a hunger that just seemed to grow more intense with every date.

Swept up in the emotion of the moment, Luke smothered Traci with kisses.
Yielding to the urgency he sensed, he touched and caressed her in ways he never
had before. Traci seemed so willing, so receptive to the affection Luke yearned to
shower on her. It took all the willpower he could muster to stop before breaking his
promise to God. “We had better get home,” he said, pulling away from her
reluctantly. “Yeah, I guess so,” Traci said timidly.

They drove home in silence. Luke felt embarrassed for being so bold in his
physical approach to Traci, but he seemed almost driven. Why did he feel more
strongly toward Traci than any other girl he’d dated? Why did he feel so compelled to
have sex with her? As he drove down the hill toward the city, the thought occurred
to him for the first time: My desire for Traci is so strong, I must really be in love with

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