Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is It Love?

Luke eased up on the accelerator a little, even though he was secretly anxious to get
to the top of the hill. But he slowed the car because his girlfriend, Traci, seated next
to him, was enjoying the night view of the city on the gently winding road to the
planetarium. And Luke wanted Traci to enjoy the evening, because he knew she
would make the date more enjoyable for him later if she was happy.

“Look at this, Traci.” Luke motioned to the city lights sparkling out his side
window. Just as he hoped, Traci leaned toward him with her right hand resting gently on his thigh, taking in the view. The subtle, sweet fragrance of her hair and skin was delicious. The surge of pleasure tempted him to divert his concentration from the road, but he didn’t want a careless accident to spoil this perfect evening.

“It’s beautiful, Luke,” Traci sang. Her warm breath brushed his ear, giving him a chill of excitement. “You’re so sweet to bring me up here on such a beautiful night.” Then she nuzzled him on the cheek with her nose, concluding with a soft peck of a kiss before settling back in her seat. Luke could feel his heartbeat quicken at her closeness. Traci always sparked the greatest feelings in him. He couldn’t get enough of her – her looks, her smell, and especially her touch. He was almost sure she felt the same way about him.

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B.D. said...

Not, just attraction!