Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Summary of God's Will

Be conformed to the universal will of God. Make it your goal to obey God's revealed will concerning salvation—living in the Spirit, sharing your faith, obeying your parents, remaining sexually pure, and so on. Use the 4C Process regarding God's universal will: CHOICE (right or wrong), COMPARE (the precepts, principles and the person of God) , COMMIT (to God's ways, not yours), and COUNT (on God's provision and protection). See earlier blogs.

Be informed about the specific will of God. Submit every decision to the four step process of seeking God's will in the Bible, seeking God's will through prayer, seek God's will through the counsel of others, and seek God's will through your circumstances. See earlier blogs.

Do what you want. Live with confidence that God will give you the desires of your heart as long as your number one desire is to serve Him. Cultivate a daily walk of faith, believing that if your desires are not God's will, He will let you know.

Don't worry about the future. God is sovereign and your future is in His hands, so don't worry about college, marriage, your career, or anything else. Simply say daily, "Lord, I want to do what You want." Then it is up to Him to work in you to accomplish His will and fulfill your desires.

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