Thursday, June 17, 2010

Anything to Please Him

Forgive me, God, for compromising my standards, Traci prayed silently as Luke drove her home. She was ashamed of her behavior, seemingly on the verge of breaking her vow of purity to God. Traci had never intended to go all the way with Luke or any other boy before marriage. But she had been swept away by her emotions tonight. The romantic dinner, the candles, the stars, Luke’s eagerness to make her feel special – everything seemed so right. He had been so sweet and affectionate to her, she would have done anything to please him.

Then, for some reason, Luke stopped before it was too late. Traci was very relieved, but she was also a little disappointed. He was so abrupt that she wondered now if she had done something wrong. Did he stop because I was too willing? Was I not willing enough? Did I do something that turned him off? Was he disappointed because I didn’t measure up to other girls he has been with? These questions nagged at Traci during the silent ride home. She hoped this would not be their last time together; she did not want to lose this great guy. Traci thought back to when they first met.

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