Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What About Us?

Ashley and Bobby were walking in the park and talking to see whether there was an “us” in both their futures as they approached the end of their senior year. Ashley said, "Even though my parents and I agree that I should go to State, I'm not sure what my major should be. It was a real revelation to know that God allows room for us to make some choices. Remembering Doug's comments, Bobby added, “As long as we are committed to obeying God's universal will and seeking His specific will. "Right," Ashley affirmed. Then her question tumbled out before she could stop it: "So what do you want to do, Bobby?" Then she held her breath.

Bobby surveyed the sky as he thought. Finally he said, "Well, I don't feel called to the ministry right now, so Bible college is not a high priority to me at this point. As for turning pro," Bobby continued, "I don't think I'm ready. Players at my level spend years in the minor leagues separated from their families and living out of a suitcase. I would be better off playing college baseball and getting a degree at the same time. In four years, if the scouts are still interested in me, I can make a decision about professional baseball."

"Where would you like to go to college?" she probed. Without hesitation, Bobby answered, "That's where the other priorities in my life have helped me see what I want more clearly. I really hope to do some kind of part time volunteer ministry during college, and Doug has asked me to serve as a youth ministry intern next year if I'm still around. It sounds like a perfect fit to me." To be continued

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