Monday, May 3, 2010

Priorities in Life

As soon as Bobby arrived home from the backpacking trip Sunday afternoon, he called Ashley. He had missed her and she missed him. They decided to meet at the county park. Bobby said, "Sitting around the campfire, we had a great time and even talked about God's will for our lives.” Ashley's eyes widened. "That's too weird. We did too."

As they resumed their walk, Ashley gathered her courage to ask the question she had timidly avoided all year. "So what do you think God's specific will is for your life, Bobby—I mean about college and baseball and stuff?" She realized that the "stuff" she was referring to was her. "I've been thinking about that a lot lately, you know, with graduation just a few weeks away. Everybody has been bugging me for a decision about college and baseball. Actually, I've been a little slow, because I wasn't real sure how to find out what God wants me to do. This weekend with Doug really helped. I have a much better idea what the Bible says about seeking God's will.

"Yes, me too," Ashley said. Then she waited silently as they walked. "I realize that there are three things that are important to me right now," Bobby said as they faced each other on the bench. "First is God. Second is you—us, really, and our future. Third is baseball. During high school they all fit together pretty well but now I have to make some choices, and I've been waiting for God to tell me what to do. But after this weekend I realize that He expects me to be involved in the process." To be continued

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