Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Struggling with God's Will

Since trusting Christ as a child, Bobby had tried to discover and obey God's will at every stage of his life. The obeying part had been rather simple. It was the discovering part that was often difficult. But he wasn't about to tell the reporter in front of him that he didn't know how to figure out what God's will was for his life.

The reporter asked, "What about turning pro?" the reporter continued, "I hear there's a chance you may not play baseball at all next year." "It's possible," Bobby replied. "One of my options is to attend a small Bible college that has no baseball program." Surprised, the reporter asked, “Could you really hang up your cleats after such an outstanding three years on the Kennedy diamond?” "Yes, I could give up baseball," he answered, hoping his disappointment didn't show, "if that's what God wants me to do." He wondered why God was waiting so long to tell him what to do.

Bobby saw his parents and his girl friend approach him. Beaming with pride, his parents hugged him and congratulated him on his good game, even though the team had lost the regional championship game. Then he was face- to- face with Ashley. Inwardly, he didn't know if Ashley was the girl God had picked out for him to marry any more than he knew if he was supposed to continue to play baseball. But the time to make a decision was approaching very quickly. He wished he knew what to do.

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