Monday, April 19, 2010

Bobby's Story

Bobby Franklin hardly noticed the cheers as he approached the plate, bat in hand. His parents were in the crowd. So was Ashley, who had been his steady girlfriend since they were both sophomores. But Bobby's focus was on the game. Win or lose, it was his last baseball game at Kennedy High School. His bat connected with the ball, but was it enough? The player on third took off as the fielder launched a rocket shot—both appearing to arrive at home at the same time. The umpire's right hand shot into the air as he bellowed, "Out!" Bobby's head dropped to his chest. The regional championship was lost. The season and Bobby's high school baseball career were over.

A camera zoomed in on him as the reporter began, "I'm standing with Bobby Franklin, Kennedy's third baseman and the favorite to win player-of-the-year honors. Bobby, you led the league in hitting and fielding. How does it feel to lose the championship after such a successful season?" "We're disappointed to lose today. But it was a great season, and I'll never forget it" he answered. The reported asked, “Have you decided yet if you will go on to play college baseball?" Bobby tried not to show it, but he was struggling over his future. He responded, "I'm not sure yet" as he had many times before. Bobby didn't like being “not sure,” but he didn't know how to be sure about what God had in store for his future.

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