Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ashley's Story

Ashley was embarrassed by her tears, but she couldn't stop them from flowing. It had hit her all of a sudden when Bobby's baseball game ended: This could be the beginning of the end for Bobby and me. In a few weeks we will graduate. Soon after that he will be off to attend Bible college or to play baseball somewhere far away. He will meet other girls and forget all about me. Then what will I do? Her parents wanted her to attend the state university nearby, and she agreed with them but would that decision separate her from Bobby?

Since Ashley and Bobby had started going together almost three years earlier, Ashley had just known she would marry Bobby someday. But it was all a big secret. She'd told no one, especially not Bobby. He was so involved in his studies and baseball and the youth group leadership at their church that he probably did not yet know they were destined to be together. It was God's will—Ashley was sure of it. But would Bobby come to the same conclusion? What if Bobby's life centered around baseball or the ministry, and he found another girl who was better suited to his career? But, what if Bobby went elsewhere? She could not keep him from meeting other girls. What if you are mistaken about God's will? Is it God's will or wishful thinking? If I don't marry Bobby, what will I do? Should I start a career? Should I date other people? How could anyone know these things for sure? I have to talk to somebody, she realized. I have to figure out how to discover God's will, or I'll go crazy. She had no idea that her boyfriend was thinking the same thoughts as he drove home.

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