Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

People throughout time have tried to understand love, define it and experience it. If our young people can’t adequately define love, how in the world can they know whether they are in love? They can’t. If they can’t define love, how can they know whether they are being loved? They can’t. If they can’t define love, how can they even know whether they are in a loving relationship? They can’t. The confusion about love weakens a young person’s resolve to wait for sex.

Our society, to a great extent, has stopped passing biblical morality on to its kids. Without clear standards of right and wrong, teenagers are left to find their own standards. Many come up with “love" as the justification for sex. But they don’t know what love is. I took a survey of 4,000 college students at Campus Crusade for Christ conferences, asking them to write their definition of love in two minutes. When I examined all the cards they turned in, I found that only seven of these Christian students were able to give a definition. No wonder so many Christian kids are getting involved sexually in the name of “true love.” They have no idea what they’re getting into.


Matt said...

What's the definition of love?

Josh McDowell said...

Thanks, Matt, for asking Josh the definition of love. Here is how he defined it in his book, Why True Love Waits:

Love is making the security, happiness and welfare of another person as important as your own.” To expand on that definition, Josh went on to say, “It is really an imitation of God’s love, the kind of love that protects the loved one from harm and provides for his or her good. True love is giving and trusting, secure and safe, loyal and forever. And because its priority is to protect and provide for the loved one, true love will not do things that are harmful to the security, happiness and welfare of another person.”

I hope that complete definition is helpful to you, Matt, and possibly to others as you have the opportunity to share Josh’s definition with them.

Josh McDowell Ministry

Anonymous said...

i need help what should i do if im in a lot of stress and feel like running from home

Josh McDowell said...

Instead of running from home, run to a strong Christian who can help you make good and wise decisions. You don’t want to live with the consequences of making a poor decision but that is what happens when we give in to stress and let our feelings take over. Turn to the Lord and His Word, pray and seek wise counsel. Read Psalm 32:8.