Monday, June 1, 2009

Sex as a Form of Rebellion

Sex as a form of rebellion signifies faulty relationships within the student’s family. However, concerned parents can take some initial steps to reestablish the relationship. First, there is one basic principle a parent needs to remember: Rules without relationships lead to rebellion. If you are not nurturing a relationship of love, acceptance, and affirmation with your child, he or she will throw your rules back in your face in some form of rebellion!

Second, back off on as many rules as possible, especially grounding. Let the kids know you want to rebuild mutual trust. You are still in charge, but you can’t show your kids you trust them if they have no opportunity to prove themselves trustworthy. You need to exercise caution, however, because a sudden switch from rules can lead to anarchy and could confuse the situation. Relationships that have eroded over the course of years won’t instantly change and kids won’t respond just because you expect them to do so.

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