Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rebellion: A Lack of Relationship

Rebellion, rather it be active resistance or passive indifference, is a reaction generally caused by a lack of relationship. Counselors see again and again how the rebellious child in question is reacting to poor relationships, both between the parents and child, and between the parents themselves. One marriage and family counselor estimates that in as many as 95 percent of cases with a rebellious child, the parents also need marriage counseling. He reports that amazing results in the children’s behavior take place once the parents get their act together.

Imposing rules on a young person will not work if a positive relationship has not been established between him and the one making the rules. The child will rebel against authority since he is not convinced the authority figures have his best interest at heart. To counter the rebellion, parents often lay down even more rules. It becomes a battle with parents and children pitted against each other, rather than working together toward understanding.

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