Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sex is Not the Unforgivable Sin

Along with the necessary information about sex, parents must convey that premarital sex is not the unforgivable sin. Even kids from Christian homes make wrong choices about sex. These kids need to know they can turn to their parents. They need to hear their parents say, “No matter what you’ve done or what you do, we love you and will never turn our backs on you. Nothing you have done wrong is beyond repair. We will help you through any trouble. We are here for you to turn to. Talk to us.”

As the influence of Christianity diminishes in our society and families, the devastating results will continue to show up in our kids. Without direction, they clutch at false securities. Without the solid self-image of a child of God, they grab at anything to make them feel a little better about themselves. Without knowledge of God and His love, they settle for anything that resembles love, even if they are exploited and hurt by it. Without the Word of God taught in the family and the love of God shown in the family, kids are adrift. They have no basis on which to make decisions. They have no security.

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