Monday, February 16, 2009

No One Pays for Sex on TV

You may say, “Yes, excessive examples of illicit sexual activity on television, in movies, in music lyrics and videos, on the Internet, etc. is undoubtedly a bad influence on our young people. But in a society as sexually permissive as ours, where’s the lie?”

You can see it yourself by answering this question: In all the casual sex you have seen portrayed in the media, how many times has a character contracted a sexually transmitted disease? You are unusual if you can think of at least one occurrence. I often ask that question of the audiences to whom I speak. Even in crowds as large as 5,000, I rarely find someone who can remember even one bad outcome from casual sex.

Here is my point in bold letters to underscore its importance: Hardly anyone on TV or in the movies pays a price for illicit sex. But in real life, people often pay dearly.

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