Thursday, February 19, 2009

What’s on Your Mind?

When a teenage boy sees a scene of tender, casual sex in a war movie, he may consider it innocent and relatively harmless. The sex is great, and the characters go on with their lives (and subsequent loves) enriched from having met and mingled bodily fluids. The boy is left with the subtle impression that casual sex isn’t so bad. But that’s not real life. In real life, such encounters often end with the participants diseased. But we almost never see that in the movies. No wonder boys have begun to question God’s prohibitions on premarital sex. They are falling under the influence of the lie.

It is not unusual for a teenage girl to read a secular novel portraying a young woman “coming of age” in the arms of a dashing, romantic man who introduced her to the glories of sex in the bedroom of a romantic Victorian mansion. But books like that rarely describe the guilt and emotional trauma many young women suffer after being conquered and eventually discarded. So when the girl’s boyfriend stirs up her passions with his loving words and tender kisses, what reason does she have to delay the bliss she expects from yielding to his advances?

Our actions are the result of our thoughts, and our thoughts are the result of what we have put into our minds. If someone had never seen pornography, would he be able to conceive it and dwell on evil thoughts? Possibly. But if all he had ever heard of sex was how it forms a beautiful bond in a marriage, he would be hard-pressed to warp those thoughts.

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