Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pornography: Media At Its Worst

The darkest lies about sex told in the media are found in pornography. Pornography promotes sexual promiscuity, incestuous sexual relationships, marital infidelity, sexual deviancy and “no-consequence” sex. Social scientific studies indicate that pornography is also progressive and addictive. Pornographic videos, magazines, web sites, etc. arouse aggressive sexual feelings and they graphically demonstrate the “how-to’s” of sexual acts and perversions. Soft-core porn has been termed the “marijuana” of pornography that leads its users to desire harder, more bizarre “heroin” versions of sexual explicitness.

It can be tenably argued that increasing occurrences of date rape are linked to increasing exposure of males to non-violent, soft-core pornography. I am convinced that the attitudes, perceptions, values and sexual aggressiveness of teenagers are altered in the same or in an ever greater way than those of adults as a result of their exposure to pornography. It is reasonable to assume that soft-core pornography and its themes would be especially appealing to adolescents discovering their own developing human sexuality. However, teenagers are less equipped and less experienced than adults to understand and properly control their developing human sexuality and related sexual drives.

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