Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Truth in Love and Humility

Jon said, "Stevie, there's still time for you to convince Senator Bellardi—or at least try to convince him—to come clean and not cover up the fact that his son is AntiCrist." "And you think I'm the one to do the convincing," she responded. Jon nodded. "The senator knows you and trusts you. You're in the inner circle of his campaign."

"He doesn't really know me, Jon. I'm just another gear in the machine." "But he must realize by now that you're an important part of his son's life. I think he'll listen to you." "Maybe," she said. "But what am I supposed to say to make sure he follows through? 'Tell the world about Wes or I'll spill the whole story'—would that work?"

Jon verbalized what they both knew. "You can't make him do anything, Stevie. And blackmailing him won't change his heart. But the truth spoken respectfully, lovingly, and humbly just might."

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