Monday, March 11, 2013

Act Justly, Express Mercy

“Mercy is the vital quality missing when I look at Dan Bellardi," Jon said. "He knows how to act justly, but he has a lot to learn about expressing mercy and compassion, beginning in his own home. He may be a champion for what's right, but he seems incapable of humbling himself when he's wrong. He knows how to deal with crime, but he doesn't know how to deal with the criminal.

"Juanita Dunsmuir and her kind are just the opposite: high scores in their view of mercy, low scores in justice. The new tolerance says, 'Everybody is OK, everybody has a right to their beliefs—gays, abortionists, suicide doctors, even sex offenders.' But by making all values and lifestyles equal, they don't know when to say, 'No, that's wrong.' That's not love as God defines it.

"I don't believe someone from either extreme will make a good governor. North California needs a leader who will do the right thing and do the loving, merciful thing, and do them both in humility toward God."

Stevie sighed. "I really thought Senator Bellardi was the one." Jon paused, then said, "Maybe he is." Stevie flashed him a puzzled look. "What do you mean?" "He hasn't made the statement yet." "What statement?" "The statement he's scheduled to make at noon. You know, the cover-up statement Robert told you about."


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