Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saying Nothing Is a Lie

The first person Stevie found on the surgery floor was Price Whitten. "Wes came out of surgery about twenty minutes ago," he informed her. "He'll be in recovery for at least an hour. The next crisis is to keep the burns from getting infected. He's still a long way from being out of the woods."

The fact that Wes was out of surgery boosted Stevie's spirits a notch. "How are the Bellardis doing?" she asked. "As well as can be expected. They left for the ranch while the surgeons were closing. The senator is holding together well, but Patricia seems pretty shaky. She's losing a little more ground to Alzheimer's every day."

Stevie then found Robert and asked, "So how did the senator take the news in the email?" "I'm sure it affected him deeply. He just didn't say much," Robert replied. "What is the senator going to say to the press about the email?" Stevie asked. Robert locked onto her eyes without blinking. "Nothing."  "Are you saying that Senator Bellardi won't even mention the fact that Wes was behind the AntiCrist plot?" Stevie asked in disbelief.

The picture was painfully clear, and Stevie felt her face flush warm with indignation. "Not at this time, meaning not until after the election. Is that what you're saying?" Robert nodded, his lips pressed tightly together. (To Be Continued).

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