Monday, February 25, 2013

Withholding the Truth

Stevie glared at Robert, "That's not right. It's against everything we stand for. The senator must tell the whole story about Wes being AntiCrist. The people need to know the truth." To withhold the truth—all of it—is the same as perpetrating a lie. When the people of North California finally find out about Wes—and they will—they're going to ask, 'When did you know he was gay? When did you know he was the terrorist? When did you know he was starving for his father's love?' What will you tell them then, Robert? What will Daniel Bellardi say to his faithful constituents then?"

If the senator doesn't tell the whole truth and publicly own up to his failures with Wes, the people will have every right to disbelieve everything else he says. And they'll have every right to impeach him for his lack of integrity."

"If they find out," Robert said softly. Stevie weighed the words. "You're talking cover-up." "No, I'm saying that we must be certain of the complete truth before we say anything." Stevie ran her fingers through her hair, considering his words, then shook her head. "Call it what you want, Robert. It's still a bald-faced cover-up and you know it. It's not right. The senator must be completely transparent about this entire fiasco."


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