Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Person We Know

"The terrorist attacks against the Bellardi campaign were Wes' work also. He slipped out his bedroom window and firebombed his parents' home while the security guards were rotating locations. Then he jumped back into bed and pretended to be asleep. He also firebombed headquarters and shot up the place with a deer rifle and long-range scope. "I'm the one who taught him how to use a rifle," Ernie added remorsefully.

Grasping for one final reason to discount Ernie's incredible scenario, Stevie protested, "Wes is just a kid—a university literature student, a promising writer. He's not a mad bomber or a political terrorist. He didn't even care about the campaign. It was all I could do to keep him on task."

"You're talking about the Wes you and I know. This AntiCrist stuff all came out of the dark side of his head, a side we didn't know existed."

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