Thursday, January 17, 2013

AntiCrist's Access

The evidence against Wes was mounting, but Stevie simply could not believe what she was hearing. Ernie explained that Wes also had keys to the GMC pickup and the barn. Trash in the cab of the pickup suggested that Wes could have hidden out in the barn for several days after the ranch was closed down. Then he had access to the house at night for food. He also could send AntiCrist messages from from his notebook computer.

Wes had, in effect, kidnapped himself. He messed up his room and spread around a little blood from a self-induced cut. Then he hid in the floor of the attic, which was stocked with a little water and food. That was how the mysterious kidnapper got in and out of the house undetected. He was in the house all along, staying there until it was closed down. AntiCrist's message arrived several days after the kidnapping, when Wes could send the messages with no one detecting him.


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