Thursday, January 24, 2013

AntiCrist: The Dark Side

"How could a twenty-year-old kid like Wes fool the police and the FBI as AntiCrist for so long?" Stevie asked. "For one thing, he's very smart. For another, he was very lucky to go undetected for so long.

Stevie could hardly bring herself to say the words, but she had to ask. "Are you saying that... that Wes, pretending to be a political terrorist, tried to get his father to quit the campaign? Ernie answered, "That's what it looks like right now unless it was an accident. Maybe Wes thought he could escape the explosion in time and something went wrong."

Stevie asked, "What would be the point of blowing up the houseboat? And why would Wes—if he really is AntiCrist—send a message saying Wes was dead if he wasn't planning to ... to commit suicide?"

Ernie answered, “I don't want to believe that he was trying to kill himself. Maybe Wes was going to disappear—for a time, for good, I don't know—to make his dad think he was dead, to punish him for not caring enough about him to withdraw from the race." Ernie sighed, “Stevie, you're the one who's been working with him for the past few months. Is there anything—anything at all—that you can think of that might explain some of this?" Stevie said, "That's just it. Wes doesn't talk; he keeps to himself. For the life of me, I haven't been able to get past his hard outer shell.”

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