Wednesday, January 16, 2013

AntiCrist's Mounting Evidence

As much as she wanted to flee, Stevie sat and listened to Ernie. He laid out the evidence, working from the present to the past. The houseboat that exploded belonged to the Bellardis. Yes, Matthew Denherder would be the first suspect at that point but, as Ernie had explained, he had since spoken to Matthew in New Zealand.

"But I saw them at campaign headquarters the morning of the bombing," Stevie protested, desperately grasping at straws. "Wes thought it was strange they were there and—" Ernie interrupted, "A lot of people were there".  "All right," Stevie said. "So maybe it wasn't Matthew Denherder. But that doesn't mean it was Wes. It could be any one of a dozen kooks or even someone from Juanita Dunsmuir's campaign.”

Again, Ernie shook his head. "I wish I could believe that, I really do. The FBI just hasn't come up with any possible suspects, especially anyone who would have access to the Bellardis' houseboat. Not only did Wes have that access, he knew how to pilot the boat, and he knew the air horn signal that would quiet any suspicion in the marina. Plus, after he faxed AntiCrist's last message to the office, he had an hour to get out to the lake before the explosion occurred.”

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