Monday, January 14, 2013

Psych Ward Scenario

Hearing those the words—"Wes Bellardi is AntiCrist"—Stevie's opinion of Ernie changed instantly and dramatically One moment he was a wise, tenacious ex-cop, loyal friend of the Bellardis, and a sudden soul mate on the topic of Wes Bellardi. The next moment he was an escapee from the St. Vincent's psych ward, on a par with someone who claimed that the president of the United States was an alien infiltrator from another galaxy. Believing that Wes Bellardi could be the terrorist plaguing his own father's campaign was flat-out crazy.
The shock must have registered on her face, because Ernie touched her hand gently and said, "I know this sounds very very bizarre. But you know how intelligent Wes is, and you also know how closed he is, almost secretive. I believe there's a whole world inside that brainy head of his that we know nothing about."

Stevie did not want to hear it, any more than she had wanted to hear that her son, whom she knew infinitely better than Wes Bellardi, had died of a drug overdose. Drugs could not be a part of her son's world, she had thought, until she was confronted with the truth. Truth is good. Truth is right. But the truth sometimes hurts, and Stevie did not want to be hurt again.


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