Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Hex for Good or Evil

"Sit down on the floor, everybody," Ms. Carmona suddenly yelled above the din. She was waving her arms to get everyone's attention, her long black gown billowing out around her. "It's time to get serious and make contact with the greater powers."  "Come on, Shawna," Terilyn mouthed, beckoning Shawna with a wave. "Up here." Shawna shook her head and Terilyn turned away, her disgust evident.

Someone had placed a large tub of water in the center of the table. Shawna was pretty sure it was not for apple-bobbing, but she could not even begin to imagine its purpose. On either side of the tub were candles of all descriptions. Ms. Carmona lit them as the guests settled into their places. Someone else turned out the lights.

"I'm going to cast a major spell tonight, my little goblins," Ms. Carmona began in her best witch's voice. "We're going to put a hex on that fundamentalist bigot candidate for governor and turn him into a cross-eyed toad." To Be Continued


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