Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Animal Sacrifice

"My physics teacher is a beast, and I want the powers to send her to Uranus," she said in a spiteful tone. Several others got into the spirit, wishing ill on teachers, rivals, and even parents. The comments were crude and hateful. After a while, Ms. Carmona, dressed in full witch attire said, "Let's call on those whose powers can make these things happen."

This is getting too weird for me, Shawna thought. As soon as this witch act is over, I'm outta here—ride or no ride!

Attention focused on Ms. Carmona again as she began her incantations. The weird sounds and lewd gyrations turned Shawna's blood cold. "Prince of darkness, hosts from hell, accept our gift, empower our spell." Others joined in, and the pitch and volume rose. Shawna cringed as the chant neared a crescendo. Then she saw the "gift." From the shadows behind Ms. Carmona, another one of the adult chaperones produced a squirming black kitten, eyes ablaze with fear. In one continuous motion, Ms. Carmona grabbed the kitten and thrust the terrified animal into the air with both hands, then plunged it into the tub of water and held it there.

"No!" Shawna screamed, frantically throwing herself at the coffee table, sending tub, water, and candles flying. Somehow the soggy, sputtering kitten was in her arms. Shawna stumbled through the dark chaos to the door, burst outside into the rain, and ran. Unable to distinguish deliverance from danger, the kitten howled and clawed at her. But Shawna held on and kept running, her tears mixing with the rain that poured down her face.


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