Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gratitude and Decency

At the urging of his top staff, Senator Bellardi sounded two themes in his talk, a talk that would be repeated at every stop on the campaign trail. First, he expressed profound gratitude for the encouragement and support of the people of North California since his son's abduction. Cards, letters, E-mail, and voice mail had poured in encouraging Bellardi to stand his ground against the terrorist's demands. Prayer vigils for the safe return of Wes Bellardi were ongoing in numerous communities across the state. In his thanks, Bellardi reaffirmed his commitment to stand firm to the end.

Second, the senator took advantage of the holiday to woo the large block of undecided voters in the state. "Our nation and neighboring states have accepted and even encouraged a Halloween existence. Hatred, violence, terror, killing, perversion, indecency, lawlessness, and falsehood go unchallenged in their streets, in their schools, in their clinics, and in their homes. On Tuesday, God-fearing, law-abiding citizens all over North California will say an emphatic no to the monsters who intend to take over our state as well: the abortionists, the mercy killers, the drug lords, the pornographers. I invite you to join us in banishing these horrors of Halloween forever and make North California a place where the beauty and values of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are a way of daily life."


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