Monday, November 12, 2012

AntiCrist on the Water

Ernie took off, anxious to catch up to the houseboat but knowing he must be cautious so as not to tip his hand. Besides, even with 30,000 acres of surface and 370 miles of shoreline, Shasta Lake could not have swallowed up the Bellardi craft yet. Ernie was leaving the docks only a few minutes behind the boat, and with so few other boats out on the lake, it should not be too difficult to track it down.

Ernie was right. Within 20 minutes he had the houseboat in his sights. He only wished he had brought a cell phone and some binoculars. Hanging back at a safe distance, he could make out the slight figure of a man, dressed in dark clothing, steering the boat farther out into the lake.

Where are you going, Matthew Denherder? Or should I call you AntiCrist? Ernie swallowed hard, fighting tears. Where are you taking Wes? What are you planning to do to him? And how do I stop you before it's too late?

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