Monday, November 19, 2012

Intense Feelings

One moment Stevie cautiously questioned the possibility of reconciliation with Jon, and the next moment she was convinced that an emotional confrontation promised nothing about the future. And what about her feelings for Robert?

Stevie could not deny that, whatever feelings she might have for Robert, they were strong—and she was going to have to come to terms with them very soon. The prospect both frightened and excited her.

With the end of the campaign trail clearly in sight, the rest of Stevie's life stood in desperate need of triage. Her business was dying for lack of attention. Her children probably thought she had abandoned them. And she had not seen the inside of a church or read her Bible in weeks. She would cast her ballot on Tuesday, then go straight home and get to work. The to-do lists were already forming in her brain.

Constantly at the fringes of her thoughts was the steady, ominous, almost audible ticking of the clock. Wes Bellardi's time was running out. Somewhere at this moment, the despicable creature identified only as AntiCrist awaited his final move. Unless God miraculously intervened, an innocent lamb would be sacrificed as the new governor of North California ascended his throne. Jon had insisted that Wes's fate was not her responsibility. Her head knew he was right, but the pall remained heavy in her heart. As she boarded the bus for the quick hop to Weed, the only words she could find to pray were, Spare him, spare him, God. Please, spare him!


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