Thursday, October 25, 2012

Too Tired to Think

When Robert dropped Stevie off at home after the political rally, it was almost eleven and she was thoroughly fatigued.  It was so much more relaxing to lean back and let Robert drive, his soothing voice a balm for Stevie's jangled nerves. She told herself,  After the election is over, then Robert and I can talk about things. Where would their relationship go once they had the time to nurture and develop it? How serious a relationship was she ready or willing to pursue at this juncture in her life? It was one of many questions she was too tired to think about.

Shawna and Collin were already in bed, and Stevie's ex-husband Jon had already gone back to his motel room. She had planned to offer him the hide-a-bed for his last few nights before returning to L.A. on Wednesday, but she had not had the opportunity. Now that he was already back in his room at the motel, it would seem inappropriate to invite him to return. She didn't want to give him the wrong idea, especially after just having enjoyed the ride home with Robert. She had hoped they could finish the discussion about Dougie's death. As painful as their discussion had been, the words of forgiveness had been liberating and cathartic.

As she slipped into bed, suddenly another weight settled down upon her as she realized that, twenty-four hours from now, the fate of Wes Bellardi would likely be known. Where was he now? Would the FBI find him before AntiCrist fulfilled his morbid vow to kill him? Would Senator Bellardi relent at the last minute and pull out of the race to save his son? Remembering a story from the Bible, Stevie prayed that time would stand still long enough for Wes to survive Halloween.

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