Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Truck Is Missing

Nobody knew how long the truck had been missing from the Bellardis' barn or where it had gone or who had taken it. Someone had obviously slipped in between patrols, removed the truck from the barn, locked the padlock behind him, and driven off. A dozen FBI agents and county detectives swarmed over the barn. It was bad enough that the truck was stolen from a secure, patrolled location, but it was even worse that no one on the kidnap task force even knew the vehicle was missing. There had to be a link between the missing truck and Wes' kidnapping.

There were no fingerprints on the barn lock and no unusual footprints around the barn.  There was nothing to suggest that the truck was even stolen. Ernie thought for a moment. "Anybody ask the Denherders about the truck—the people who take care of the houseboat?" "Couldn't locate them,” Robert replied. “They're on vacation till after the election.” Ernie raised his eyebrows. "Really? Seems odd. . . . Well, we're likely to know something about Wes by this time tomorrow. I just hope it's not as bad as AntiCrist wants us to think."


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