Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Almost Missed Nothing

Ernie had spent several hours at the Bellardi ranch, as he had nearly every day that week. With the Halloween death threat ticking down to its final hours, Ernie was determined to do everything he could to avert whatever AntiCrist had planned for young Wes Bellardi. His methodical searches inside the house had turned up nothing more since the hidden compartment in the attic.  Even a thorough examination of the hidden compartment had led them nowhere.

Ernie decided to take one last look inside the barn behind the house. He had searched the large building with the county officers, the FBI agents, and by himself but he had not checked it in a week. So Ernie unlocked the large padlock and swung both tall door panels wide open to allow the retreating sunlight to flood in. Surveying the barn, he could not believe what he had overlooked. By searching the cracks and corners of the barn, he had almost missed a possible clue right in front of him. Being so intent to find something, he almost missed nothing.

Ernie pulled the cellular phone from the pocket of his jacket and hurriedly dialed the  sheriff's number. “Hey Sal, this is Ernie. Remember the old beater pickup they keep in the barn, the one with the windows busted out? Well, it's gone."


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