Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Closer to the Kidnapper

By the time Ernie Cruz arrived at Shasta Lake, his hunch was turning into a clear suspicion. Why had he not thought of this earlier? It seemed so obvious now. Someone close enough to the Bellardis to know the layout of their home and property, even while harboring a secret resentment over the senator's success. Someone who was around often enough to be privy to the Bellardi family's comings and goings, yet not so often that his presence would make him an obvious suspect. Someone just smart enough to appear dumb and steer the investigation off in all the wrong directions.

He pulled up in front of Matthew and Lucy Denherders' mobile home. The carport was empty and it did not appear that anyone was inside. But as Ernie made his way out back, he found exactly what he was looking for. Parked directly behind the mobile home, out of sight of anyone passing by on the street, was the missing pickup.

A couple of quick peeks inside the mobile home's windows confirmed his first impression that no one was there. His heart raced as he realized instinctively where Matthew Denherder was. If his suspicions were right, he had also just figured out who AntiCrist was and where he was hiding Wes.

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