Thursday, October 18, 2012

Letting Go of the Past

"Stevie, we can't do anything now about what we failed to do in the past. I was... I was wrong to blame you for Dougie's overdose. It wasn't your fault." Jon also seemed on the verge of tears, but he pressed on determinedly. "I'm sorry, Stevie. I'm sorry for hurting you in so many ways. Will you please forgive me?"

Stevie began to cry. She was gripped as much by dark conviction as by the sheer release provoked by the sudden, sincere apology. Jon's missiles of blame were not the only weapons fired in the days and weeks after Dougie's death. The verbal and emotional firefight had been mutual, and many of the hurtful words she had launched at him still loomed ugly in her memory. Stevie had never apologized for her part simply because Jon had never apologized to her. She realized now how childish her reasoning had been. Her excuse had just evaporated in a moment's time.

"Of course I forgive you," she managed to say. "And please, will you forgive me, too?" Their eyes locked and Jon nodded, yet neither spoke. It was if they had just crossed a line, not only of forgiveness but of mutual understanding.


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