Monday, September 24, 2012

Press Update on the Kidnapping

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I want to recap for you as briefly as possible two recent developments in the disappearance of Wes Bellardi." Stevie felt supremely confident in her media secretary role. Remaining upbeat and approachable but firm, earned her the respect of the correspondents traveling with the Bellardi campaign. That was the reason she would continue as cosecretary through election day. Stevie was flattered at the vote of confidence and relieved that in six days it would all be over.

"On Monday morning, another fax was received from the alleged abductor, AntiCrist. You have all seen the text of the note. We regard it as a clear death threat against young Wes. But Senator Bellardi's resolve continues strong. He will not allow his commitment to North California or its glorious future to be controlled by hatred. The senator is supremely confident that the FBI and local agencies will discover the identity of the perpetrator, bring him to justice, and return Wes Bellardi to his parents alive and unharmed."


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