Thursday, September 27, 2012

Public and Private Persona

Stevie felt like a phony. She related the senator's conviction as if it were her own, just as she was expected to do. Yet she continued to question the senator's seemingly heartless position. Wes's life might be hanging by a thread at this very moment, yet the senator seemed no more disturbed than if his dog were lost.

"Senator Bellardi was greatly encouraged yesterday when the sheriff notified him of a development in the investigation. Recent evidence suggests that the victim may have been secretly concealed in the attic of the Bellardi home for a day or more after the abduction. Law enforcement officials are hopeful that this discovery will lead directly to Wes Bellardi and his captors."

Stevie agonized privately over this odd turn of events. The fact that Wes's blood had been spilled both in his bed and in the attic hovered oppressively and constantly over her soul.


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