Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Evidence from the Kidnapping

Ernie was in the attic again. He had gone through it—as he had every square inch of every room in the house—several times. Step by step, he worked his way slowly around stacks of cartons.  And then he saw it. A loose panel of plywood on the floor near the eaves. How could I have missed it? he thought, his heart racing with excitement. I've looked here half a dozen times. It may be nothing, he told himself. Or maybe … He grabbed a corner of the panel and lifted it up. He was immediately assaulted by a putrid odor. "Geez, smells like an outhouse," Ernie groaned aloud.

Setting the panel aside, Ernie dropped to his haunches and stared at the illuminated space for several seconds. The stains appeared fresh. Blood, maybe? Urine?

Ernie continued to study the scene without knowing what he was looking for.  He did not know what it all meant, but it had to mean something. The only way to find out what it meant was to call in the pros.


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