Monday, September 10, 2012

My Dad Is Home

Shawna decided not to mention how much she enjoyed having her dad at home. Her friend would probably find something to criticize. On the practical side of having a live-in dad, Shawna felt good about being in her own apartment instead of sleeping over at Terilyn's. Dad was not the greatest cook in the world, but at least he had something hot and edible ready for them at five-thirty every evening. And he was a champ about driving her and Collin to school, picking them up, doing the laundry, and keeping the place tidy. It was like living with Mom before she got involved in the campaign.

But there was more to Shawna's contentment than having Dad around as cook, chauffeur, and maid. He sat down and talked to her—like telling her all about his jail visit with Eugene Hackett and how it had led up to his becoming a citizen volunteer to Ben Hernandez. He asked about her classes and offered to help with homework. He popped popcorn and watched TV with the two of them. The rules were still the rules with Dad, but he seemed so relaxed and happy to be with his children, and that helped Shawna relax and enjoy being with him.


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